Medical Malpractice Document Forensics

The disputed authenticity of a disputed medical record and need for a document examination expert can occur for a variety of reasons. Using a variety of Scientific Examinations, our document examiners seek to answer the following questions.
  • Have there been any page substitutions in the medical file?
  • Have there been writing and/or notations added to a record or document at a later time?
  • Are they obliterations or alterations to the medical record, chart, or document?
  • Is the writing or other markings faded?
  • Were contested entries written in the same time frame?
  • Which entry came first?
  • Were the entries or writing written by more than one person?
  • Were the entries written with the same writing instrument?
  • Has there been back-dating of the file?

applied forensics for document examination and handwriting anaylsis

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