Every case submitted for examination is unique and will be handled as such. However, there are a few standard guidelines incorporated in our protocol.  This procedure ensures each case receives meticulous, analytical scrutiny and consideration for all applicable scientific document examinations.
  • PACKAGING - The general nature of the case and the physical documents in question, including their condition, plays an important role in how they should be properly packaged and submitted to us for examination. At a minimum, we ask that you label or flag the submitted materials as being either questioned (disputed) evidence or known (undisputed) samples including the identities of the known writers/principals. Please consult with an examiner to discuss how to completely and properly package particularly sensitive materials. For example items containing latent fingerprints or biological material, or any item that may be valuable monetarily and/or historically.
  • COVER LETTER - Communication between our examiners and your office is a high priority for us. In preparing the evidence to be submitted, we ask that you include a cover letter with the submitted case. Kindly provide the contact information for the case, an inventory of all the questioned and known material being submitted, and the specific questions being asked of our forensic examinations. Please include all deadlines and/or particular time-constraints pertaining to the submitted case.
  • RETAINER FEE -In order for us to get started on your case without delay; please include the minimum retainer payment along with the case materials. Please make checks payable to "Applied Forensics, LLC".

*Be sure to record and keep the tracking number for your shipment.
For those cases that are either particularly sensitive or require expedited service, we will utilize a messenger service that can provide even faster delivery service and careful handling.

Please call (888.883.1352) for instructions on where to send documents.

On-Site Service
*If a document is unavailable for submission to the lab, our examiners can go into the field to conduct the necessary examinations and/or photograph, document, and collect evidence to be later examined at the laboratory.