Applied Forensics is a Full-Service forensic document laboratory providing a broad range of document examinations. Your case will be handled with the highest of professional standards and undergo a thorough, scientific, document examination using a variety of analytical techniques.
Each case submitted to the laboratory is unique; however, the following is a typical procedure for some of the more common types of document examinations performed. Throughout the entire process, your case examiner will be in direct communication with you. Our procedure ensures each case is subject to meticulous, analytical scrutiny and receives consideration for all applicable scientific examinations.

1. Initial Consultation 

An examiner is available for a free initial consultation where the specifics of your case are discussed. The two most important questions you may have at this stage are regarding credentials and fees.

To learn more about our qualifications, please visit the Examiners page of our website or request a copy of our ‘Case Information Kit' which includes a fee schedule, curriculum vitae, and other useful information. Our fee schedule is straight-forward, flexible and offers you customizable service and payment options.

Once you have decided to retain our services, an examiner will consult with you in greater detail on how to properly prepare and send the questioned and known material to our laboratory to ensure the most effective examination. All necessary and pertinent materials pertaining to your case will either be submitted to our laboratory for analysis or our On Scene examiners will perform the photography at a remote location. All recorded data and observations made in the field, however, are then examined, analyzed, and interpreted back in the laboratory. Please see Submitting Your Case for instructions and more details on how to properly submit your case for examination.

2. Examination and Analysis 

Depending on the nature of your case one or many of the following document examinations can be performed:


Handwriting and Signature Comparisons Document Dating
UV and Infrared Ink Examinations Microscopic Analysis
Detection of alterations or obliterations Paper analysis
Decipherment of erasures and faded images  DNA Examination *
Printing Process Identifications Fingerprint Examination *
Chemical Ink Examinations  Ink Dating *

*After all of the other examinations are completed as needed, the questioned documents can be submitted to a third-party laboratory for DNA, fingerprinting, or chemical ink dating. Please feel free to contact us for further information. 

3. Reporting & Expert Testimony 

After all applicable and necessary analyses and examinations are complete an oral or written report is available. Various written reports and other options are available depending on your preference. 

Recommended: A very effective addition to any report is the use of various full-color graphics, charts, diagrams, and demonstrative aids to supplement the written report of our results.