The Video Spectral Comparator 4c, commonly known as the VSC-4c, is an advanced workstation for use in the examination of documents where obliterations and alterations are suspected. The VSC-4c has a full range of filters and light sources to detect obliterations and alterations in many types of cases, such as medical record cases, business records, and restoration of fading writing. This is a state of art system that can easily be transported to a third party site.

Indented writing is revealed through the interaction between thousands of microscopic toner covered beads (cascade developer) and the electro statically charged document. Electrostatic Detection Apparatus, commonly known as ESDA, has been the leading instrument for the detection of indented writing in documents. The electrostatic imaging process provides a considerable advance in performance over that possible with oblique lighting, often detecting marks not thought to be present after the most careful visual examination.

  • Stereo Microscope
  • Digital Microscope
  • High Resolution Digital Cameras and copy stand
  • Array of magnifiers, filters, and alternate light sources
  • High resolution flat bed scanners
  • High performance computers for digital enhancements
  • Field photography equipment